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i cried, then i came, then i cried again, then i came again, cried some more, and came one last time

that touched me in many special areas

Piconjo responds:

ogm, th4t is truly B3autiful..

plz, w4tch it aga1n for m0re tears & spl00j.

piconjo <3 j00

so riveting and dramatic

worth the 15 year gap between confessions

Piconjo responds:

I’m glad j00 <3d it!
Also, PICONJO <3 j00!

This cartoon really sours my peanuts.

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Really enjoyed this demake of Pico vs Uber-Kids. Happy to see so many of the animations made it in and translated well. Great work!

Also I got a clean sweep FIRST TRY.

Pretty good game. I don't really like the art style, but that really does come down to opinion. I found only one of the puzzles to be obtuse to need to use the walkthrough, which is pretty good.

I doubt we'll ever see Episode 2 of this, but it'd be cool if we did. Especially since the ending of this game, while interesting, raised a lot of questions for the sake of a twist. Still, nice game overall.

Great game! The art is amazing, the music fits, and the gameplay itself is a lot of fun. Nigh unplayable with a keyboard, at least in my opinion, but really works with a gamepad. I did find a little glitch, though. I died while going up the zipline to the train tracks. When I restarted the game, I was still on the train tracks and the Tom Fulp bot was up there with me now. His health didn't refill, but mine did. Just thought I'd point that out.

As for things I'd like to see in the future, maybe more playable characters?

KeithGarces responds:

Thanks for the feedback and pointing out that bug! We'll try to sort it out at some point.

As for future features, your recommendation is definitely noted. :)

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I was gonna love this no matter what just because of the name, but this actually really rocks. Good stuff!

ZLEAP responds:

I thankya!

Tom is such a musical genius.

This one's a banger.

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Garnet-Frost responds:

You're welcome. :3

Oh, now this is just too cool. Thanks for doing my request, man!

He just looks so happy. I love this.

JoTheWeirdo responds:

Thanks my dude, glad to hear that!



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